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Maria Arrabal

Thank you Adrian.

By no means would I work on my FH lineage during work.  I have been working for over 30 years and have been considered a valuable employee.  I know the policy.  Lunch time is my time.  I really enjoy working on my family history and searching for all information possible.  

So many applications are available through the internet with appropriate security that I just thought to ask if this would be a possibility.  It would alleviate many issues concerning upgrades, etc.  Even though FH is not an online application, I chose it for appearance and simplicity.  I reviewed other genealogy software and most are online and accessible from any computer with internet access.


On Tuesday, March 1, 2022, 10:43:47 AM EST, Adrian Bruce <abruce6155@...> wrote:

On Tue, 1 Mar 2022 at 14:16, Julia Vokes <julia.vokes7@...> wrote:
... as work is for ……work!  Also most employers would not permit loading of 3rd party software onto their server, or access it via their servers. One of my employers also blocked various social media websites etc on their systems, as they correctly stated that work was for….work!

As I recollect Maria did say that this was for during the lunch hour. If her employer permits recreational use of the systems (usually external access to the internet, say) during lunch time, it is not up to us to give the appearance of contradicting that.

Loading of non-company software is, as has been said, pretty unlikely to be allowed, which will exclude some of the suggested ideas.

What I would suggest is that, if lunchtime access to sites like Ancestry is permitted, then printing off a To-Do list (printing? Oh dear, listen to me!) sounds like a good idea and Maria could do some research on Ancestry (or whatever) during that time, copying and pasting results perhaps into a mail to be sent to her home address. It makes some use of time if you feel like it and it's pouring down outside.



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