Re: Witness problem

Mike Tate

Ah! That makes more sense!


So you want the Sentence box at the bottom to continue to say such as:

“She stood as godparent at the baptism of John SMITH on 10 June 1900 in London, England.”


Whereas the entry above the Date: and in the list pane above is to say simply such as:

“Godparent to John SMITH”


OK, in Tools > Fact Types… select the Baptism event and click the Edit… button.

Now click the Roles… button on the right, choose Godparent, and click the Edit button.

That shows the Role Sentence Template that defines the Sentence box (and Narrative Report) sentence that does not need changing.

Now click the Advanced… button below, where the Template defines what appears above the Date: box in the Facts tab listing.

Since it is currently blank it automatically defaults to the Role Sentence Template but we are going to change that.

So tick the Summary Template option and type the following into the Template box.

Godparent to {principal}


Finally, click OK, OK again, Close, OK, Close, and the Facts tab should show what you requested.

You could repeat that for the other Roles as and when required.  


From: <> On Behalf Of Michael Kellett
Sent: 01 March 2022 14:47
Subject: Re: [family-historian] Witness problem


Apologies, but it appears that I have confused myself. I have actually been using the Godparent witness role existing within the baptism fact. It is this that I am having the described problem with.  My custom created fact will be deleted.



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