Re: Witness problem

Mike Tate

I have to admit to being somewhat mystified.

Usually, for any facts, the word or two above the Date: box and below the toolbar is the name of the fact.

e.g. Birth, Baptism, Census, Occupation, Death, Burial, etc.

I would expect in your case it would just say: Godparent.

You are saying that instead of a word or two it is displaying a whole sentence such as: “She stood as godparent to John SMITH”.


In Tools > Fact Types… under the Events/Attributes heading, how is the custom fact you created listed?

i.e. Exactly what is the descriptive name of your Godparent custom fact?

Under the Type heading is it an Event or an Attribute?


It would be extremely useful if you could attach screenshots of what you have created as that would avoid a lot of longwinded descriptions.

"A picture is worth a thousand words"



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Subject: Re: [family-historian] Witness problem


Hi again.


Godparent fact created as you describe in 1) Tools > Fact Types… and the New… button.


The Sentence I refer to is “She stood as godparent to………” etc appears correctly in the bottom sentence box.  This sentence is repeated above the date box you described. I would like this position to show as I mentioned , "Godparent to principals name". This is the position where the word “Birth” would appear when using the Civil Registration Certificate template.


Have I created the Godparent fact incorrectly or is there another means of creating the same.


Thanks for your time


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