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Julia Vokes

I agree with David Burgess.  As a former HR manager, most employers would take a very dim view and probably regard it as a disciplinary issue, as work is for ……work!  Also most employers would not permit loading of 3rd party software onto their server, or access it via their servers. One of my employers also blocked various social media websites etc on their systems, as they correctly stated that work was for….work!


On 1 Mar 2022, at 13:34, David Burgess via <david.burgess42@...> wrote:


It is not clear to me why anyone would want to access Family Historian at Work.  Surely Work is for work and not playing with family history.  If you use a computer at work, then break times should be used to be away from a screen.

Whenever I am away from home, eg on holiday, I can take my laptop with me and have full access.

David Burgess

On 01/03/2022 13:01, Maria Arrabal wrote:
Good morning,

I just thought if FH would consider an online line version meaning accessible via internet.  This would be the best way to access the software and your personal data.  At this moment, FH is a software that is installed in your desktop/laptop.  I would not install FH at work since it is not permitted.  

As an example, Ancestry is accessible anywhere to you as long as you have an account.  An example is your email, which you can access at any computer connected to the internet.

I just wondered if that can be a possibility in the future with FH.

Thank you all for your comments and attention to this matter.

Maria Arrabal
Miami, Florida Links:

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