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Michael Kellett

Hi again.


Godparent fact created as you describe in 1) Tools > Fact Types… and the New… button.


The Sentence I refer to is “She stood as godparent to………” etc appears correctly in the bottom sentence box.  This sentence is repeated above the date box you described. I would like this position to show as I mentioned , "Godparent to principals name". This is the position where the word “Birth” would appear when using the Civil Registration Certificate template.


Have I created the Godparent fact incorrectly or is there another means of creating the same.


Thanks for your time



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Sorry Mike, but you will have to give us a bit more detail of what you have done and what you can see.


You say you created a custom fact for Godparent but then say you are using it as a witness.

Please confirm which of the following you used:

1) Tools > Fact Types… and the New… button to create a custom fact called Godparent that is now shown in the Event/Attribute list.

2) Tools > Fact Types… selected an event such as Baptism or Birth, then used Edit… button to create Witness Role: Godparent (although that should already exist for Baptism).


Exactly where are the sentences you describe?

The top half of the Facts tab is a list of all the facts and below that are the details of one selected fact.

At the very bottom, there is a Sentence: box.

Are you talking about the Date: box near the top of that lower section that probably says Godparent immediately above?


With that clearer understanding, we should be able to help.



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Subject: [family-historian] Witness problem


Hi all.
After creating a custom fact for Godparent and using as witness, in the fact tab I now have the sentence in its window, all ok. However this sentence also appears as a strip above the date field. is it possible to have this position to show, for instance, "Godparent to principals name".

Being ancient in years and a newbie to genealogy. please be gentle !

Thanks Mike 

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