Re: No Death Event

Adrian Bruce

Re Bill's experience with ashes being interred years after burial. That's a good argument against a general use of deaths estimated from "burial" date. I'd only say that in the context of the UK, cremations came in well after the start of civil registration of vital events, so I'll have the index date (quarter usually) to compare against any "burial" as a cross check. 

I've put burial in quotes above because I usually use a custom event for the interment of the ashes, rather than the standard burial event. FH has various estimates built in and IIRC, using burial as a proxy for a missing death, is one of them. If the burial event is used for interment of ashes, then this carries the risk of Bill's error - though how material that is for the estimates made, I'm not sure. My use of a custom event for the interment avoids that risk, though whether that was deliberate on my part or a lucky accident, I'm not sure! 


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