Re: No Death Event

Adrian Bruce

The only time that I concoct a death date is when I have indirect evidence for it, such as a burial, when I'll estimate a death date based on the burial date minus - waves hand and thinks of a number. In such a case, the death is marked as Estimated and also given a note about how the estimate was arrived at. Other concoctions come from people recorded as being widowed in one census, in which case the death date for their partner is "Before nnnn" - where nnnn is the census date. Yes, they might be telling untruths but that applies to anything. 

But aside from those, I've never had the need to get something into a Death Date. Perhaps oddly, I do tend to be a bit more persistent in inserting a Birth date, even including estimates based on date of birth of a mother's last known child. Possibly having the birth and using FH's estimating techniques means I don't need Death Dates? 


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