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Mike Tate

None of those fragments of information are sources nor do they need specific citations.

They are ‘facts’ derived from several other source citations.


The relationship between George and Fred is derived from Source Citations that give the parent-child relationship over several generations in such as Birth, Marriage & Census documents. Using your tree as a source is only saying the same thing, that various Source documents together justify the family tree.


Similarly, the fact that Tom is the fourth child comes from his sibling’s Birth citations that provide their Date of Birth, and that determines the birth order.


The 8 ancestors each have a citation related to the Revolution. No more citations are necessary.



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I have a couple of instances that I’m not sure how to provide citations.

1.        If I have a complete tree in FH well documented but in writing a report I want to say George, Fred’s Gr Gr Uncle. Nowhere, except FH, does that generation designation exist. How do I source information in my own tree as displayed by FH?

2.       Can I use my own genealogical tree as a source?

3.       I want to say I have 8 ancestors that fought in the Revolution. This data only shows up in my tree.

4.       If I want to say the fourth child was Tom, how do I source that? Sometimes a birth record will record which number of child this is but beyond that it comes from my research and my tree>

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