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Hello Mike

No I am in Somerset in the UK.  I'm sorry to say I am having a bit of difficulty identifying where the option you mention is located.  In the corner of the window there are 3 icons. 

1 a star, which is to add a bookmark
2 three horizontal lines with a dot, has a list of websites
3 three dots in a horizontal line. This has various options including one called options.  This options has a long list, the last one which might be relevant is International.  This has all the options set to English but I still have the same problem.

Maybe I am looking in the wrong place

Many thanks for your help


On 26/01/2022 14:50, Mike Tate wrote:

Hi Stuart,

I guess you may be based in Alsace?

MyHeritage is probably setting the language based on your location.

In the top right corner, there is an option to set the language.

Does that solve the problem for you?


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When I hover the cursor over the link associated with an individual  (the small green icon) I get the Find my Past and My Heritage web search matches.  The Find my Past links work fine showing the information in the Family Historian window.   The My Heritage links also work fine - the only snag is that they are all in French.  How can I see these in English please?

Many thanks
Stuart Barker

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