Re: New Computer and operating system

Mike Tate

The problem with hints is due to reverting to FH V6.2 ~ DO NOT USE THIS VERSION WITH YOUR FH V7 PROJECTS!

I suspect you have used an installation file named such as install_fh6.2.7_dl.exe

Whereas you should use an installation file named such as install_fh7.0.9.0.exe that was downloaded last year when you got the free upgrade.

Alternatively, download it from

You must use the FH account and activation code provided last year with FH V7.


Once you have FH V7 installed you need to migrate your Projects and your custom setting from the old PC to the new PC.

See the FHUG Knowledge Base ‘Family Historian Copy and Migration Guide’ for details:

If you have questions about that then please ask again.


Mike Tate


From: <> On Behalf Of clark_william2 via
Sent: 25 January 2022 10:01
Subject: [family-historian] New Computer and operating system


Hi I purchased Family Historian 6.2 and installed it on my desk top in 2021, I was subsequently allowed to update it for free to version 7. However since then I have obtained a new computer and changed my operating system to Windows 11. I have installed Family Historian to my new computer but is showing as Version 6.2. I also have a problem whereby hints to Find My Past and My Heritage, both of which I subscribe to, do not open the sites when I click on them. Is anyone able to help me, I am not a very competent computer user. Thanks.

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