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Mike Tate

Thank you Allan,

I was unaware of that AQ feature.

Every person needing to purchase any program would be expected for such a collaboration.


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Ancestral Quest does have a collaboration feature, but each person you want to work with would have to purchase the program. Although you can use a free basic program, you can't try out the collaboration feature for free.


You can read more about it here:






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I have just inherited the family tree from my recently deceased father who used Historian. There are a couple of my second cousins who would also like to use this data to add their own various family branches to. I've seen a few posts here of people sharing files on OneDrive or similar, but my question is whether this is a reliable way of working collaboratively on the same data when using Historian? Or, as I would need to purchase Historian anyway, should I just bite the bullet and move to a different software package?

Thanks in advance,


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