Re: Import from TMG does not import all Media

Mike Tate

Does this mean the “Import from TMG froze during Citation import” problem has been resolved?


No “trick” should be needed to import all Media exhibits.

Is FH running such the external Media is on a drive visible to FH?

Try the Tools > External File Links… command that lists all Media record links to Media files.

The File Links pane should list the file path(s) to your TMG external Media files.

If you tick Show Broken Links Only are there entries with an X icon on the left?

The Auto Repair Links button might fix them.



From: <> On Behalf Of Constance Chappell Horne
Sent: 17 January 2022 21:16
Subject: [family-historian] Import from TMG does not import all Media


Is there a "trick" to getting all media imported to FH from TMG? All of my media is external, i.e. not stored internally in TMG but as "regular" images.

Example 1: I have 5 pictures attached to my record. The first one (non-primary) was imported and none of the others were. The second photo was marked as primary.
Example 2: My dad had no media imported and his primary picture was the first one in TMG.


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