Creating Charts and Reports / Spreadsheets - Names, Birth Dates, Marriage Anniversary Dates, Death Dates




Hope all are well.


I have just joined the group and have a few questions regarding the charts and reports / spreadsheets from Family Historian V7.


1) 1)  Is it possible to create and print in PDF a chart that has the following conditions:

·         Name of deceased

·         Death date of deceased

·         Birth date of deceased

·         Names of living people only (ie: no birth dates or marriage dates)

I have tried to create a chart in this way from the charts that are included in the software package but cannot find a chart like this. How do I go about doing this?


2) 2)  I would like to create a report and spreadsheet from the software that shows the following details:


1. Report / Spreadsheet 1 in month, day, year order:

·         Names of couple

·         Marriage Anniversary day

·         Marriage Anniversary Month

·         Marriage Anniversary Year


2. Report / Spreadsheet 2 in month, day, year order:

·         Name of Deceased,

·         Death date of deceased day

·         death date of deceased month

·         death date of deceased year

·         Birth date of deceased day

·         Birth date of deceased month

·         Birth date of deceased year
Is there a way to be able to extract this information from the family tree? How can I do this?


If anyone knows how to do the above, then I would appreciate it if you could please let me know.


Thank you and kind regards

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