Re: To all users of Ancestry messaging service - heads up to you all

John & Carol King

Very interesting as I've messaged people that I expected to reply but never had any response!!

On Saturday, 2 May 2020, 16:14:37 BST, Sheila Beer <sheilamarcelb@...> wrote:

Hi everyone  
For over 2 years I have had problems with this part of

Some/lots of messages I send to other users of Ancestry never find their way into their 'INBOX' - in fact they can only be found,  by the recipient, by using search methods even then you have to know from whom they came or what they are about.  The recipient does not receive an email informing them that have been sent a message either.

Despite innumerable queries raised by many, not only me, they are not correcting the problem.

It 'may' be that the subscribers who have had an upgrade to the Message Service do not have a problem.  But to those of us who haven't had the upgrade or have and maybe still have the problem, we will never know if our messages got thru to their intended recipient., unless we receive a reply - we are left wondering  if ............
I have wondered if the upgraded version cannot 'converse' with the non-upgraded version and vice versa.

Hope I've made this make sense.


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