Re: Susbscription stopped

David Dewick

Yes I think so. Success will be if I get messages back in my inbox. 🙂

On 15 Jan 2022, at 11:01, Brian Bottomley via <bpb87@...> wrote:

 Similar to others I received the following:


Recently, emails sent to you have bounced back to us. This can be for many reasons, including:

- We have an incorrect email address for you.
- Your account was or is full.
- Other temporary delivery issues.

To view the error messages we receive from your email server, click here.

We have suspended email delivery to you. This means you will no longer receive messages from the groups you are subscribed to, including:

You must take action to restore your account. To unbounce your account, go to the following link:*****

Thank you,
The Team"

I was suspicious at first so rather than click on the link, went direct to the site, logged on and unbounced myself. So I guess this is genuine but a little unexpected.

On 15/01/2022 10:05, David Dewick wrote:

I got this message this morning:



You have been automatically removed from because your Email Service Provider reported to us that message Re: Occupation, how to force FH to display the preferred Occupation? from has been marked as spam.

We suggest that you check your spam folder as soon as possible to see if your Email Service Provider has diverted other legitimate messages into it.

You will receive no more emails from that group. If this was a mistake, you can resume your subscription within the next 7 days by clicking the following link:

Resume Subscription groups offer several options for controlling how much and what types of emails to receive. See this Help Center article for more information.

If this happens repeatedly please check with your Email Service Provider to learn about how they decide to send feedback reports to list services (such as groups).

The Team”

I have re-subscribed. My service provider is Hotmail.



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