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I have been using Family Historian for almost 30 years, since either V2 or V3, and am now on V7.  I have 600 names in my tree, but I have never taken a consistent approach.  I have filed many census records and birth certificates but have not always used them as citations.  I have a number of document folders on my computer marked WIP, or documents from so-an-so, or awaiting transfer.  Every time I go into Family Historian I get side-tracked into investigating individuals, rather than bringing order.


All my documents and pictures are stored in separate named folders within the folder My Family Tree, and are not stored in the Media folder of FH.  Is it worth the effort to transfer and relink them all?  I suspect not. 


My aim is to make a reasonable stab at getting things in order, bringing all the source documents into FH, and citing as much as possible.  I would like to think that I could handover my work to the next generation!


One approach is to start at Record 1, update it with the necessary documents and citations, then repeat.  But a typical Census page could refer to a dozen members of one family, and there could be confusion about whether I had brought that in or not.


My second thought is to take each document in turn, move it into FH, then use Ancestry Source to cite each person named.  Hence each document is a step and it is easy to see progress.  When that is done, it would be easy to identify people without documents or citations.


I welcome your thoughts.


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