Re: Making my family tree diagrams more readable

Mike Tate

There are various techniques for customising Diagrams.

Many of them are in the Diagram > Options tab settings or the Diagram menu commands.

If you could explain the deficiencies more specifically then it would be easier to give appropriate advice.

In what format do you need them to be more readable? On-screen, in a PDF file, printed on paper?


Are these the sort of styles you might be interested in?



From: <> On Behalf Of Dave
Sent: 12 January 2022 01:40
Subject: [family-historian] Making my family tree diagrams more readable


Is there a video tutorial anywhere on tips for making my family tree diagrams prettier and more readable?  I have a lot of relatives in my tree, but when I generate diagrams they aren't as aesthetic as I'd like. Thank you.

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