Re: Non use of default browser but uses microsoft browser

Derek Kain

Hello Neil,
What was annoying me was that I had Google Chrome open as usual along with  Family History and FindMyPast open in chrome.
Then I ran a plugin which decided to use Edge. Meaning I now have two browsers open and have to jump between the two.
It may not have annoyed you but it does me when it is doing it with other plugins and other programs.
I'm not  interested in whether they both use the same browser code, just the annoyance of Microsoft Edge sticking its nose in when I never asked it to.
But it has now got sorted out and I'm happy.
Derek Kain

On Tue, 11 Jan 2022 at 15:41, Neil Grantham via <> wrote:
As an aside, don't know what is annoying you about Edge, Derek, but it is interesting to note that both Edge and Chrome, are build on the same Chromium browser code.
Neil Grantham
Using FH 7 & AS 7
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