Re: Adding a watermark to a chart

Lorna Craig

According to the FH Help files, you create a ‘watermark’ by using the Format Diagram Items option. (Right-click on the image in the diagram to get a short menu, the last is ‘Format’.)  To quote from the Help file:

“If you want a picture to appear faded (like a watermark), use the 'Fade Image' field. A value of 0% means that the image is not faded at all. A value of 100% means that the image will be near invisible.

Remember you can order any diagram item, so you can move a picture behind all other diagram items if you wish.”

However a ‘faded’ image still obscures other diagram elements if it is in front, so you need to move it behind.

I admit I haven’t experimented with transparent areas.  I know that FH has particular rules when using bmp files for diagram icons, (“Whatever colour appears in the top-left hand corner of the bitmap will be interpreted by Family Historian as transparent. So, for example, if the top-left corner is white, every white pixel in your bitmap will appear to be transparent”) but I don’t think the same applies to large images.




From: Paul Manning
Sent: 11 January 2022 13:59
Subject: [family-historian] Adding a watermark to a chart


I would like to add a watermark to a chart.  It looks as if it should be possible as there is a Watermark tab in the Properties section in Print Setup...

However, it doesn't like my PNG file and insists on adding black to the transparent area, which as I want the watermark in the foreground, makes the chart completely undreadable.

Am I doing something wrong?



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