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Geoffrey Knott


Following on from this question, I've always considered a Census as a source, not an event; and by using the FH 'witness' facility I can record every person in the household in one go. I know some information about the witnesses is omitted, but this method allows me subsequently to see in the property box not only facts relating to the individual but also (in the sentence box) others in the household, whether or not known (at the time of recording) to be related. So if I later discover a relationship, I can easily change the witness entry from 'Name only' to 'Individual'. I can see advantages in using Ancestral Sources, and have tried it several times; but as far as I can see, there is no way to show names of fellow residents, and I always revert to my old method. Can anybody suggest a way of acheiving something similar using AS?


On 02/05/2020 11:11, Mike Tate wrote:

Hi Randy,

That is a recurrent requirement and there is an automated solution.

It is explained in the FHUG Forum posting Re: Lookup Missing Census Facts: Determining Factors


If all your Residence facts relate to Census events, and there are no other Residence facts at all, then one run of the Change Any Fact Tag Plugin will do the job.

Otherwise, you must run that Plugin with a Date filter for each Census date so only those Residence facts get converted, and repeat for each Census date every decade.


If anything is not clear then please ask.


It is well worth converting for the reasons given in the FHUG Knowledge Base for Recording from a Census Record:


Regards, Mike Tate


From: <> On Behalf Of Randy Dykhuis
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Subject: [family-historian] Changing Residence fact to Census


Up to now, I've been using the "Residence" fact whenever I've located someone in a census record. I would like to begin using the "Census" fact instead but am hesitant about changing in mid-stream without going back and changing the Individuals who have "Residence" set because they were found in a census. For example, Grandpa John is in the 1910 census and has that fact recorded under the Facts tab using the "Residence" attribute, as does every other family member recorded in the 1910 census.


I could do this Individual by Individual but that would be a lot of work & I'd need to determine if it's worth the time. But if there is an automated way to do, I would like to make this change.


As I see it these would be the steps:

Identify every individual with at least one "Residence" fact

Copy the source information for the fact

Create a new Census fact and paste in the source

Delete the residence fact record


Right now, 281 individuals have at least one residence record.


What do you more experienced users think? Worth the effort to switch or continue using the residence fact? It would be useful to know which individuals have appeared in census records.



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