Re: Non use of default browser but uses microsoft browser

Mike Tate


Despite that setting, it is still possible for Microsoft Edge to be the default for specific file types such as .html that the Plugin uses.


At the very bottom of the list in your screenshot, there is an option to ‘Choose default applications by file type’.

Click that and wait for the list to populate, then scroll down to .html HTML Document where I suspect Microsoft Edge is listed.

Please confirm that is what you find so we know the cause of the problem. Click that and change it to Google Chrome.


Alternatively, back in the Default apps list, click on ‘Web browser’ Google Chrome and choose Google Chrome again.

That should reset all the appropriate applications by file type to use Google Chrome instead of Microsoft Edge.


You may need to repeat that reset from time to time.



From: <> On Behalf Of Derek Kain
Sent: 11 January 2022 11:32
Subject: Re: [family-historian] Non use of default browser but uses microsoft browser


Hello Mike,

Yes, I still set the default browser  Google Chrome.


I appreciate all your help but it's certainly baffling me. Also causing me some irritation. Have looked at Microsoft help but that mainly refers to something about Office 365? Cannot find the help I need.

Derek Kain

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