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I think the original web page is actually opening in Microsoft Edge.  On the far right in Edge there are three dots (...) which are similar to the three horizontal dots in Chrome.  If you click on those three dots, there is an option to Close Microsoft Edge near the bottom of the drop down list.

Why the original web page is opening in Edge is a different matter.  If I understand correctly it should only open in Edge if that is the default browser, but Derek indicated that that isn't the case. 


On Mon Jan 10 2022 13:04:41 GMT-0800 (Pacific Standard Time) Mike Tate wrote:

I don’t understand where you are seeing the ‘…’ on the screen.

The plugin produces two types of report:

1) FH Result Set (similar to a Query Result Set) with column headings No., Individual, Rec Id, Life Dates, Gen. Gap, etc.

2) Browser page (Google Chrome) with column headings No.,,,,, etc.

But neither of them have ‘…’ on the right so I don’t know what you are clicking.

Please give me some more clues of what else is on the screen and whether it is inside FH or some other application.


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Subject: Re: [family-historian] Non use of default browser but uses microsoft browser


Hello Mike,

The problem in question is when I use the plugin 'Lookup Missing Census Facts' version 4.6, it gives a report.

If on the screen at the right hand I click on '...' it gives a drop down menu at the bottom of which is 'Close Microsoft Edge'.

I did try what you suggested and changed Internet Data Matches to 'External Web Browser' but still uses 'Edge'. But then I'm not doing a data match search.

Derek Kain


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