Re: Non use of default browser but uses microsoft browser

Mike Tate


FH Plugins don’t use Microsoft Edge but use Internet Explorer and currently there seems to be no alternative available to Plugins.

I think you might actually be talking about the FH Web Search Window that does use Microsoft Edge.

You may also be talking about the green hints on the Focus Window that open the Web Search Window.

Use the Internet > Internet Data Matches… command and set the hints location to External Web Browser.

Assuming you have Google Chrome set as your default browser then FH will open that.


From: <> On Behalf Of Derek Kain
Sent: 10 January 2022 17:24
Subject: [family-historian] Non use of default browser but uses microsoft browser


Hello readers,

I'm getting annoyed with the microsoft browser.

Although I have Google setup as my default browser when I use plugins on Family Historian it opens Microsoft Edge.

Which means to use the plugin results I have to open and login to FindMyPast to use the results.

I don't think this is a Family Historian problem but hoping someone can solve the problem for me.

Many thanks. Derek Kain

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