Re: adding individual to census record

Lorna Craig

Hi Jane,

There are two points here.  The first is that, having added the census and occupation facts to the extra individuals manually, you need to cite the Source record as evidence.   First make sure you are displaying the yellow Sources For pane attached to the Property Box (if it’s not there, click the yellow scroll icon in the small toolbar at the top of the Property box).  Now select each of the relevant facts in the Facts tab of the property box and then in the Sources For pane click Add Citation in the toolbar at the bottom. The choose Cite Existing Source, and select the correct Census Source record.


Secondly, to change the plain text name in the Source record into an active link, click on the Text from Source to open it in the note Window. Delete the plain text name but leave the cursor in the same place, and then click the Add Link icon in the Note window toolbar (4th from right) and select the appropriate individual record.




From: Jane JAMES
Sent: 10 January 2022 17:04
Subject: [family-historian] adding individual to census record


I am using the latest version of FH.
I have created a census source using 'create source from template' and the data entry assistant. I have subsequently realized that the family extended over two pages of the enumerator's book and I have failed to enter two people from the second page when originally creating the source. I have now added extra lines to the table in the text from source screen but without the record link (hyperlink) and have manually added the facts 'census' and 'occupation'  in the individuals' property boxes.  I suspect this means the additional individuals will not appear in some reports. Is there a way of editing the original source so that the individuals are hyperlinked or should I delete the source and reenter it.


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