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Lorna Craig

The simplest way to find all the Sources whose generic Type you need to change is to look at the Sources tab of the Records window.  Click the heading of the Generic Type column.  Then scroll down to find the ‘Register’ types and check that they are the 21 you need to change.  Then use Tools > Work with Data > Generic Source Types and select the Census and Register types and use the Merge button.    If there are any ‘Register’ Sources which should not be changed in this way (because they are not 1939 Register Sources) you can make the necessary changes manually instead, which shouldn’t take long.


Mike may wish to reply to your question about deleting the flags, but the important point is that Expressions and Flags are two alternative ways of displaying an icon in a diagram, and you don’t need both.  I don’t know whether the tick you are displaying in the Records window is dependent on an Expression or a flag, so I can’t comment on whether you still need the flags for that.





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Mike said: Firstly, the Record Flags are not involved whatsoever, because you are using Expressions.

I advise you to delete all those Census 1841 to 1939 Flags and avoid any future confusion.


Why do I want to do that? As far as I am aware all I have done is add expressions to add visual aids - extra columns to see which people have census entries added, and Diagram box icons.

I had initially thought the expressions weren't working as several with 1939 facts don't show ticks or flags, but it would appear to be to do with Source Types?


Lorna said: The solution is to change all the 1939 Source Types to 'Census' (this doesn't affect the Titles) or add another Expression to the diagram scheme, testing for the name of your 1939 Source types.

I'm not sure where I would do this!

Taking my grandfather as an example, in the All Events query, it has

Date - 29 Sep 1939, Event Type - Census, Source - Register 1939 Coventry

In the Focus Window, Fact Tab, if I click the 1939 entry, it says it is a Census and Sources for: Census [3]*

I have just compared the Citation to one of the people who are getting ticks and flags and he has Generic Type: Census, whereas my grandfather is Generic Type: Register - is it this I need to change?

Thanks for your patience!

Best Wishes




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