Re: Code to Add tags to boxes in a chart

Mike Tate

Welcome, Steve,

What you call tags are known as Diagram Box Icons (tags have a different meaning).

There is advice in the FHUG Knowledge Base on ‘Using Icons’ with example codes:


Most users are satisfied with just showing that a source exists for a fact rather than how many sources.

Indicating how many sources exist is quite complex compared with just indicating any exists.


After reviewing the FHUG advice you may have more questions.



From: <> On Behalf Of steve@...
Sent: 10 January 2022 13:47
Subject: [family-historian] Code to Add tags to boxes in a chart


I have been using FH for about two months. I have recently learned how to implement 'simple' tags.
My skill level is minimal, but I have entered an expression to highlight any box wherein the individual has had military experience.

I am somewhat new to genealogy, but have determined that sources for birth, marriage, kids, & death seem to be very important.
So to help me understand how valid my 'claim' for any particular heritage, I would like to display 3 different Tags for each box on a display:
Tag for #of sources for birth (when greater than zero)
Tag for #of sources for marriage (when greater than zero)
Tag for # of marriages (when greater than 1)

Can anyone provide the code to do the above?

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