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Lorna Craig

 P.S. When you mentioned the Source Filter I assumed you were referring to the filter for the Source Titles.   But perhaps you were referring to the Record Type box?  (A Slightly confusing name because in FH Record Type means something else!).   The solution is still the same....

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In your earlier message you said that in AS you "....found the 29 people when unticking the Source Filter (8 found when ticked)".  So the problem definitely lies with the sources for the other 21 people.

The AS filter allows you to specify what the Source Title contains. It is the generic Source Type which matters for the purposes of the Expression in the diagram scheme, but I suspect that your Source Titles and Source Types are the same.   If you were filtering for Titles which contain 'Census' that would explain why it didn't find the ones containing '1939 Register' instead.    I suspect that if you look at those sources you will also find that their generic Source Type has been set to '1939 Register' (or perhaps they have no Type set at all).   

The solution is to change all the 1939 Source Types to 'Census' (this doesn't affect the Titles) or add another Expression to the diagram scheme, testing for the name of your 1939 Source types.


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Hi Lorna

Yes, for my 1939 column in Records and Flag in Diagrams I have =IsTrue(%INDI.CENS[year=1939].SOUR>_TYPE% = "Census")

If I run All Events query, and sort on the date column, all those for 29 Sep 1939 have event type Census

If I save that as a custom query and add a source column they are all listed with Register 1939 xxxx where xxxx is the name added by AS (I think?)

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Are you sing the expression =IsTrue(%INDI.CENS[year=1939].SOUR>_TYPE% = "Census") ?

You have 29 people with a 1939 census Event but do they all have a Source type of ‘Census’?


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Using All Event query and sorting on Event Type (presume you meant that as there isn't a Fact Type Column), I have 29 people with a 1939 'census event' but in the Records Window just 8. So, I presume that I hadn't got AS set correctly with the Flag options.

I used Flag Batch add in AS Tools and found the 29 people when unticking the Source Filter (8 found when ticked), then apply the 1939 Register Flag, but it's made no difference to the Record 'ticks' for the 1939 column or icons on my Diagrams

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