Changing Residence fact to Census

Randy Dykhuis

Up to now, I've been using the "Residence" fact whenever I've located someone in a census record. I would like to begin using the "Census" fact instead but am hesitant about changing in mid-stream without going back and changing the Individuals who have "Residence" set because they were found in a census. For example, Grandpa John is in the 1910 census and has that fact recorded under the Facts tab using the "Residence" attribute, as does every other family member recorded in the 1910 census.

I could do this Individual by Individual but that would be a lot of work & I'd need to determine if it's worth the time. But if there is an automated way to do, I would like to make this change.

As I see it these would be the steps:
Identify every individual with at least one "Residence" fact
Copy the source information for the fact
Create a new Census fact and paste in the source
Delete the residence fact record

Right now, 281 individuals have at least one residence record.

What do you more experienced users think? Worth the effort to switch or continue using the residence fact? It would be useful to know which individuals have appeared in census records.

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