Re: Descendant report - born again!

Mike Tate

Hi Norman,

That looks like a Descendant Outline Report that shows all Facts in Date order.

I suspect that if you look really carefully throughout the Property Box of Norman LORRAIN you will find both Birth Events.

Check both the Facts tab and the All tab and look from top to bottom.

Perhaps the second Birth Event has a Sort Date which will move it down the Facts tab but not the All tab nor the Report.  


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Subject: [family-historian] Descendant report - born again!


In my descendant report, I'm seeing a few individuals (not all) showing their birth event repeated.


1.3.1  Norman LORRAIN (1234- ) [1725]

•  Born: Jan 1, 1234, BlahBlah, ZZ.

•  Born: Jan 1, 1234, BlahBlah, ZZ.

•  Marr: etc etc. 

I only have one birth event in these person card.

Where is the second birth event coming from?  I can edit the birthplace (e.g. BlahBlah1), and the change takes effect for the first entry but not the second.

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