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Hi lorna

Sorry about the confusion, I keep doing that. What I have at the moment is the following - a Media copy jpg of the Jacket to a set of PRs say for Brinkworth Parish whose name is currently an alpha numeric assigned at the originating site,this media record now has a great many links. Whenever I am creating a new BMD fact sourced from those PRs I embed the relavent PR page as a jpg plus the jpg of the jacket.

I was having difficulty finding the relavent alpha numeric so simply down loaded whenever I needed it, hence my earlier problem of multiple copies. I simply want my media file to be more easily located by making its name more appropriate. I should of course have done that in the first place.

I hope that makes things clearer and not simply muddied the waters.

Regards Ray Gadney

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You need to be clear about the distinction between a media file and a media record. A media file will be (most often, but not exclusively) an image file in .JPG format, which is stored on your computer, probably within the Media folder of your FH project. A media record is a type of record within FH, listed on the Media tab of the Records window in FH, which links to one of those media files on you computer.

Can you clarify whether you want to rename a media file or a media record?

You can change the name of a media record within FH without breaking the link to the media file. On the other hand if you change the name of a media file the link to the media record will be broken. However it can be it can be fixed, using Tools>External File Links. If you need some help with that, ask again.

(You cannot merge two media files but you can merge two media records within FH, discarding one of the links to a media file the process. But this would not be the usual way to achieve your goal.)


On 01/05/2020 16:27, rgadney@... via wrote:
Sorry to have created confusion in the Ether, multiple images of the same page is what I have.

I have another Question though. I would like to change some image file titles, I realise I cannot do that directly or they will get lost. Can I achieve the same objective by making another copy but with a different title and merging the original with all its data into the newly titled media file?

Regards Ray Gadney

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