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Mike Tate


I think you are mistaken.

How could AS v5.2 possibly have automatically determined a specific Date without knowing the Region and Year of the Census?


The default Census Template setting only records details such as the number of children born, living, died in the Text From Source field of the Citation in your case.


To change that default use Tools > Census Templates… and select the Type=Census, Region=England & Year=1911.

Then the Total number of Children columns can have the Recording option changed to Append to census event local note.


Otherwise, you must wait until back in FH and add the Children still Living count to a Child Count attribute.



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I'm still running FH 6.2 and now using AS 7.2.7.

Since the advice this morning from Neil and Victor I have done some 1911 inputting on a test gedcom file and although I've entered years married and number of live and deceased children against the wife (using the proper columns in AS) the data does not seem to have been transferred in the FH Gedcom file.  Is there a specific AS Option setting that I need to select.  I use Method 2 (data in Citation) and I've checked the AS Options but cannot find an obvious tick-box to make it happen.

Also, would the fact that I'm working on a Gedcom file rather than a FH Project have any impact.

I realise that with AS 7.2.7 you now have to select the census region and year to get the event date whereas before it did it automatically.  I fully understand now the reason why but it was a change I was not expecting.

Also, is there any information as to when AS might be updated to include support for the 1921 census??

Many thanks


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