Re: Collaborative Working

Mike Tate


Some useful advice has been offered but some is perhaps misleading.


Chris said: “FH7 license only allows two concurrent users and I believe not different people”.

That is not quite correct. A single FH licence allows it to be installed on two PC owned by the user but only used one at a time.

However, if each person buys their own FH licence then its concurrent use is not restricted.


As Brian says, it is much easier to collaborate if you all use identical genealogy software.

His other points about synchronising the research updates are also very important.


PC based software such as FH, RootsMagic, Legacy, etc, rely on digital communication via some common media.

You could use CD or pen drives, but a cloud service such as OneDrive or Google Drive is easiest.

I would advise against synchronising the Projects directly via a cloud service.

If any one of you makes a mistake then all your copies could be upset and rely on backups to recover.

Instead, use the cloud to export/import copies of the whole Project or branches of the family tree.


Conversely, online software such as Ancestry, FindMyPast, ZoomPast, etc, does support collaborative research but the risks of making a mistake that upsets the database are very similar.

You can try many of those online family tree building services for free.

The subscription service simply grants access to the online records but is not necessary for the trees.


So collaboration is feasible but requires careful management.


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