Re: Collaborative Working

Brian Horridge


Besides the technical issues regarding sharing the same data file(s), it is just as important to work out who, if anyone, should be responsible for the "master" data file.  There is also the problems of incompatibility between different software (ie clashes between FH Version 6 and Version 7)

It is feasible to share this responsibility but there are many stories of things going horribly wrong - especially if the people involved have widely different levels of research / technical skills.  The worst case is where a beginner overwrites the master file with automatic file synchronisation. 

As I say - it's possible but proceed with caution.



I have just inherited the family tree from my recently deceased father who used Historian. There are a couple of my second cousins who would also like to use this data to add their own various family branches to. I've seen a few posts here of people sharing files on OneDrive or similar, but my question is whether this is a reliable way of working collaboratively on the same data when using Historian? Or, as I would need to purchase Historian anyway, should I just bite the bullet and move to a different software package?

Thanks in advance,



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