Re: Changing Lap-top

David Burgess

Hi John

I back up my files and folders to an external hard drive.  When I need to transfer the files to a new computer/laptop I just drag the folders across from the external hard drive to the new destination.  All my media files are in the project media folder so are linked to the individuals.

Once loaded onto your laptop you just need to ensure the FH program can find the project.

Over the years I have had no problem in using this approach.  I use a desktop PC, but use a laptop from time to time when away from home.  I update the laptop from my external hard drive before I use it.

David Burgess

On 31/12/2021 13:09, John wrote:

I need some advice about moving my Family Historian system to a new lap-top. Unfortunately the old one is dying, and will soon be no more.

Obviously I have backed up my 2 projects onto a memory stick. I am still on the latest version 6.2, and I have my V6 Key. What do I do about the program itself, and its associated files etc.?

Any help gratefully received. Thank you,

John Gunson
David Burgess

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