locked Re: Ancestry subscription discount

Victor Markham

You won't lose your tree. It will always be thee.

Always work on your tree on FH and from time to time you can update it on Ancestry but not if you are no longer a subscriber. That is why I said onlt work on your tree on FH

On 19/12/2021 4:11 pm, Jayne wrote:
Hello John,
I  was wondering how your "new subscription" worked out. Mine is due to expire the end of this month and I see the link to the discount is still active. I am concerned that I will lose my tree because I have spent over a decade working on it. I realise that I can upload my gedcom again, but the Ancestry source links could disappear etc. Did you have any problems linking your "old" tree to your new account? If you can remember how you went about it, please can you share. Thanks Jayne

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