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Mike Tate

I’m not saying that Windows 11 issues are guaranteed to arise.

But the feedback from dozens if not hundreds of users via a reputable Windows Newsletter and the experienced gurus who have tried out Windows 11 suggests that there are significant risks with Windows 11 and significant changes that are a step backwards (or at least different) relative to Windows 10.

Yes, if you are experienced enough to know where to look and how to analyse the current status of Windows 11 then by all means take the risk.

However, history suggests that any major software upgrade is bound to have glitches, and Windows 11 and FH v7.0 are no exception.

I would rather others experience those glitches and get them fixed first before I upgrade, or be certain that I have a way back.

Unfortunately, 10 days after upgrading to Windows 11 it may not be very easy to revert to Windows 10.

For FH v7.0 I have made sure I can revert to FH v6.2 if necessary, but it is a bit tricky.


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I’ve also been on Windows 11 from some time, with no issues at all.


Mike tends to the ultra-cautious end of the spectrum. I’m somewhere in the middle.  I reviewed Windows 11 known issues and notifications | Microsoft Docs to check that none of the known issues would affect me before I updated (it’s in tech-speak, but the key thing is the column that says Resolved or Mitigated for all of them bar one (which is NOT going to affect you). If you have a lot of devices (printers, scanners, webcams etc.)  attached to your PC, it’s as well to check that they’re supported before updating, especially if they’re very old devices, but if Microsoft told you your PC could upgrade to Windows 11, they’d done some basic checks on your configuration first.


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Windows 11 is NOT beta software. What Mike was implying was that from what he's read, it is 'effectively' beta software.

Microsoft would NOT release beta software to the general public in the manner you received the update notice.

Many people prefer to leave major updates like this until issues get ironed out, which is what Mike is doing.

I have been on Windows 11 for several weeks, with no problems other than an odd interface on my Epson scanning software, but no doubt Epson will update to fix this in due course.

Best Wishes


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