Re: Census vs Register - 1939

Neil Grantham

I had wondered this on my laptop last night which is why I did a forced refresh (Ctrl + F5) but I then got a 403 Access forbidden for the whole site!!

I tried half an hour later on this phone and I got the page with all images.

Going to try laptop and PC again later.

Best Wishes


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From: Adrian Bruce
Sent: Dec 14, 2021 at 7:29 AM
Subject: Re: [family-historian] Census vs Register - 1939

Re missing images in a browser - I'm not sure whether this is remotely relevant but Facebook has sometimes been playing up for me recently. When I access it using Firefox from my Windows 10 pc, it seems to display the first so many images then, at a variable point, no more. The same feed in the Android app is no problem. 

I was guessing that it was something to do with how FB caches its images - but could there be a more generic issue at another point in the flow for some people? 


Neil Grantham
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