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Victor Markham

ForĀ  start

From the top select

Publish. This will open a drop down menu

From this menu you have 3 choices 1. Ancestors by genration, 2. Descendants by generation and 3 Individual

You select how many generations you want in the report.

This will generate a report. You can print directly from this in PDF format or save it to you file in PDF or Rich Text Format or simply text

If you save it in RTF you can make any adjustment (e,g. make images larger). I then save it in Word. PDF format wont allow you to make any adjustments

If you save it in RTF or Word and make adjustment go to Index and right click this will revise the index

Hope tis helps


On 13/12/2021 9:30 pm, stoddarm@... wrote:
I am running win11 and FH I just ran an Ancestors by Generation Report and it shows pictures of individuals but nothing else. I don't work with Narrative Reports so you would have to walk me through the settings for further testing. "Nothing else" may be what I am asking for. I am a beginner level FH user.
This thread got me to wondering about Publishing Books results which is what I work with and that does show the pictures I would expect...marriage records, gravestones and so forth.

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I very much doubt if Win 11 has anything to do with it.
Anyway, I am avoiding Win 11 as many gurus suggest it is effectively a beta release and not fit for purpose.

The fact that relinking the same image works OK also suggests it is not a Win 11 issue.

I've an inkling that I've dealt with that set of greyed out options before, but cannot recall the details.
Perhaps a screenshot would help, better in the FHUG Forum than here.

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Thanks for your reply Mike

All my images are saved in media file folder in FH Projects folder. I have not moved anything. My FH Projects have been on One Drive for a long time and I have made no changes to location of folder.

I have checked external file links and they are all there.

I have checked my own birth certificate and prompting 'edit' the options to exclude the image from 'diagram ' 'report 'use link note as caption'
are all greyed out. I tried this on a census image with the same result

I have prompted 'use to existing media record' and was able to download the image and also use the above mentioned options. On that image I now have 2 of the same images. On the previous image the above mentioned options are still greyed out

The changes must have happened when upgrading to Win 11 has made this happen. Perhaps another shut down and open will sort this. I will do this later


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