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Victor Markham

Thanks for your reply Mike

All my images are saved in media file folder in FH Projects folder. I have not moved anything. My FH Projects have been on One Drive for a long time and I have made no changes to location of folder.

I have checked external file links and they are all there.

I have checked my own birth certificate and prompting 'edit' the options to exclude the image from 'diagram ' 'report 'use link note as caption' are all greyed out. I tried this on a census image with the same result

I have prompted 'use to existing media record' and was able to download the image and also use the above mentioned options. On that image I now have 2 of the same images. On the previous image the above mentioned options are still greyed out

The changes must have happened when upgrading to Win 11 has made this happen. Perhaps another shut down and open will sort this. I will do this later


On 12/12/2021 10:16 pm, Mike Tate wrote:
You need to check the Media record File Links for those images.
Do they refer to the Project internal Media folder or do they have a full path from drive letter and folders to the image file?
Use File Explorer to check whether the image files actually exist at the specified location on disk.

Use the FH command Tools > External File Links... and tick Show Broken Links Only.
I would expect that to list your problematic images and confirm that they are not saved on disk where FH expects.
You can try the Auto Repair Links button that tries to locate those missing images and correct the File Links.

Is it possible that some reorganisation files on your PC may have accidentally moved or deleted those images?

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In the past when I did a narrative report it included images like census and BMD certificates

Now it does not include any of the above. I have just checked the images and prompted edit. It states 'link details not applicable' which is why these images do not appear

I have looked to see if I can restore the link details but couldn't find anything.

This was the first time I have done a narrative report since the latest upgrade.

Anyone know how I can get these imges to be included in the report?


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