Re: Plugin Store Discrepancies

Tom H

The following are missing from the page which should have all plugins for V7:

Title Description Compatibility Type
Create Source Template Definitions This plugin creates Source Template Definitions from Source Templates generated directly within Family Historian or imported from another compatible application such as RootsMagic.(V1.0) V7 Standard
Lumped Source Splitter This plugin converts a lumped source into individual split sources and recombines duplicated citations created during import from another genealogy application.(V1.2) V5 V6 V7 Standard
Note Records with Options Report on one or more Note records with Custom Id or Note Text or user-chosen Heading Level 1 text and Privacy bracket text options.(V1.2) V7 Report
Place Exceptions Place records can misspell names or misplace plots so this plugin tries to identify such exceptions.(V1.1) V6 V7 Standard

A possibility is that Microsoft Edge is not rendering the page accurately but that seems unlikely if the All Plugins page delivers them as do the V7 pages for Standard plugins and for Report plugins.

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