Re: Importance Value of various Birth Sources

John Hanson

My best is my paternal Great Great Grandfather Henry NOYCE born in 1843 and his birth certificate from the GRO says that he is a “Girl”
I tried once to get an answer from the registration district but like most London ones refers you to the GRO!!!




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If I may add to the conversation, in my 30 years experience of BMD certificates I would say that any details contained therein will still need checking as in each type of certificate there can be anomalies. I have a birth certificate with the wrong mothers name given (by a midwife presumably who registered the birth, for whatever reason). A couple of death certificates where the age is out by nearly 10 years. A marriage certificate that is so fabricated it was obviously subterfuge on behalf of the couple. Whatever is recorded is only as true as the information supplied by the person(s) at the time. That being said, most records are generally accurate, but don't always believe what is 'officially' recorded.

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