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Wow, thank you Neil. I wasn't aware of that. In fact, I had thought that rebooting PCs wore out the hard drive. I hardly ever shut mine down. In future I will make sure to do so and I will certainly close down FH after each use. I appreciated your very good advice.

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As an IT technician I would advise against leaving programs open. I presume your PC stays on or hibernates?

This is just one example of problems that could occur. PCs need regular reboots or shutdowns to clear out any build up of issues such as stale RAM usage etc.

Imagine if your PC crashed and you've left FH open. It could potentially trash your project in a worse case scenario.

The good thing about FH7 unlike its predecessor versions is that it will open where you left off, so even if you choose to leave the PC on or hibernate it, closing FH7 is a better choice.

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Thank you Mike. I have managed to fix it though I can't say what caused the problem. I just closed FH and relaunched it and the one click worked perfectly. I don't close FH very often as I like to keep it open ready to work on. I appreciate your input.

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