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Jan Murphy

I too have been using FH since 3.0 and have not seen a discount. 

However, vendors like S&N Genealogy will sweeten the deal by offering a bundle of Family Historian and a collection of "extras". The current offer bundles FH with a research guide and a subscription to S&N's sister data site The Genealogist. They say: "Also includes a free Regional Research Guidebook & Online Subscription to TheGenealogist worth over £48 , exclusive to S&N Genealogy Supplies." 

This will probably be one of the lower-level subscriptions to The Genealogist, and not the higher-level Diamond subscription where all the goodies are.

My experience has been that the BMD tools at The Genealogist (matching possible children to a married couple) are far superior to Ancestry's hinting system, and being able to search the census by street name has been very helpful.  I would recommend The Genealogist's starter subscription to someone just starting out with their research in England and Wales, someone who hasn't already collected all the census and BMD records for their lines. 

Whether a sub to The Genealogist will be of value to you, I don't know; most of the records I need are in the Diamond-level subscription.  I used TG for my case study at Genealogy Stack Exchange:  Catch 22: how do you know if a data provider's sub will be valuable to you — before you subscribe?  If I'm remembering correctly, FamilyTree UK also has an offer code every month to unlock a particular record set (e.g the 1861 Census in a particular county) so if you wanted to give The Genealogist a try, that's a low-cost option to test the search engine.

In any case, I recommend signing up for S&N/The Genealogist's free email newsletter, since their feature articles are well worth reading. They offer an in-depth look to the records being added to their site. You do get promotions as well, but there is far more content in the newsletter than with most other offerings like this. 

Disclaimer: I bought FH 3.0 as part of a similar bundle from S&N. I have a Diamond subscription purchased on a "get Diamond for the price of Gold" promotion. I am not connected with either Calico Pie or S&N/The Genealogist. 

Jan Murphy
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I received version 7 for free after purchasing 6. All updates have been free.


Whether it is good or not depends on your perspective. I assume I am in the minority so I live with the things most think are good hoping at some point I will transition to the majority. I can see value in a “lite” version but am not sure of the size of the audience nor the effort required. A “lite” version could be discounted.


Microsoft Word goes for $120, Family Historian for $70. Yes, Word is a business tool but genealogy is a billion dollar business.


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I would make the following points:

  • It’s so good, they don’t need to discount it to sell it.
  • It’s good value at the price it is.
  • It seems to sell at around the price that other quality software vendors discount down to! Draw your own conclusions from this about other software vendors!


Stephen Challis

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Subject: [family-historian] Does Calico Pie ever discount fh?


Curious if fh is ever discounted as is often the case with other family tree software? Heredis 2022 was US$20 for Black Friday (I upgraded for $10). RootsMagic often has a seasonal sale around this time although there is not one currently, probably because of the RM8 release. I think last year one could get RM7 along with a couple of other products and the promise of a registration key for RM8 when it came out for $30, 25% off the current list price for RM8 alone.

Maybe CP does not because they want only the more serious and committed customers. A heavy discount might attract a group requiring a higher per capita load on support.

Just wondering because my trial period is running out and I've not been able to give it the workout I would like so I will be buying it (but I always like a sale!).

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