Re: Does Calico Pie ever discount fh?

Julia Vokes

I’ve been using FH since v3.0 and never seen a discount.  I suspect that if a discount was offered some of the fantastic support might disappear and along with the free minor upgrades.  I still think it’s the best value family history program available.


On 2 Dec 2021, at 10:57, Tom H <ve3meo@...> wrote:

Curious if fh is ever discounted as is often the case with other family tree software? Heredis 2022 was US$20 for Black Friday (I upgraded for $10). RootsMagic often has a seasonal sale around this time although there is not one currently, probably because of the RM8 release. I think last year one could get RM7 along with a couple of other products and the promise of a registration key for RM8 when it came out for $30, 25% off the current list price for RM8 alone.

Maybe CP does not because they want only the more serious and committed customers. A heavy discount might attract a group requiring a higher per capita load on support.

Just wondering because my trial period is running out and I've not been able to give it the workout I would like so I will be buying it (but I always like a sale!).

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