Re: family history problem

Lorna Craig

This mailing list is provided by Calico Pie, the developers of Family Historian.  But FHUG (  is a user group, run by and for users.   The two are independent of each other and it is entirely Calico Pie's choice to operate the mailing list.

Because many of the people who answer questions belong to both groups they find it easier to refer people to FHUG.  It contains an extensive Knowledge Base as well as the forums, so it is quicker to point someone to information there instead of repeating it here.  Also, has been said, any discussion involving images is much faster in the user group because there is no delay waiting for moderation.

On 29/11/2021 23:08, Ron Chapman wrote:

Just a comment about the group. What is the point in having this group if queries are always being transferred to the forums. Why not just use the forum all the time. It just seems to be a duplication of effort and it might cut back on the aggravation!

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