Re: Printing

Mike Tate

Yes, all that gets saved to the CSV spreadsheet is the data and not the formatting.

So fonts and columns widths and row height are all dependent on the Excel settings.


It looks like your data has only five columns.

However, in the spreadsheet screenshot, only four columns are visible.

So the fifth column must be way off to the right and all the columns are clearly much wider.

Therefore Excel cannot fit so much on one A4 page and spreads it over multiple pages.

The number of rows in the spreadsheet is the same as the FH Result Set but the spacing looks larger.

If you reduce the column widths, font size, and row spacing to match the FH Result Set then the number of pages will go down.

In Excel, you can also scale the output and get the same number of pages as with FH.

Page numbering will need further customisation in Excel.

As I said, only the data is saved to CSV and everything else depends on Excel settings, which must be adjusted to match FH to get the same printout.


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