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Victor Markham


sorry for the brevity of my message. This is something I have never done before

I will try to be more specific

On ther FH sofware I prompt View which opens a menu to Query then Relations and Relationship thern relation and nearest relations.

This opens a list

To print this I use the arrow show direct to printer

This results in the following page

When I save the details to file I prompt the save, as shown above and the print version ffrom the save imge is

Two different images from the same origins. The last image does not give any page numbers and is a geat deal more than the first one

Hope this clears things a bit


On 29/11/2021 11:37 am, Mike Tate wrote:
Sorry Victor but you have lost me.
How are you printing a 99 page spreadsheet directly from FH?
Are you talking about a Query Result Set that can be printed in FH and also saved as a spreadsheet?
A little more clarification of exactly what commands you are using would help me understand.

Mike Tate

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