Victor Markham

Hi all

I have just learned something new about printing.

I printed a relationship list of my sister on a spreadsheet. Initially I saved the list then started pronting direct from FH software. It was good. I encountered a problem with my printer.

After sorting the problem out I stated printing the list from the saved spreadsheet. I was puzzled because the printing was not the same as direct from the FH. The FH stated it was 99 pages but the saved edition said it was 295 pages! So I went back to FH and got back to the FJH print.

A diffr3nce between the 2 is FH lists the page numbers, like Page 50 of 99. The saved version doesn't give any page numbers. Also FH gives the same heading on every page like Relationships of ... (my sisters name) The saved version dosn't give anything

Just thought I would make others aware of the two types of versions when it comes to svaing and printing


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