Re: Compound queries (join Place to Individual records)

Mike Tate

I’ll see you over in the FHUG Forums.


There is a ~SPOU shortcut to get to the wife’s husband but does get a bit trickier when there is more than one,

i.e. ~SPOU[1], ~SPOU[2], ~SPOU[3], et seq.


Yes, there are plenty of ‘One Name Study’ researchers using FH.


Yes, it is a steep learning curve for newcomers, but hang in there.


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I have found all those, and videos too, spent the weekend studying. I'll move the questions over to the FHUG.


All that geocoding I did is going to come in handy for this--I have 35 men with some form of "Johann" and/or "Friederich" in their name (in ONE of their names!) and I have to find out which one was in which place to figure out who a child belongs to at times from clues like occupation.Women are worse because sometimes you first have to figure out who their husband is. There are other one name studies using FH, aren't there? We must all have similar problems.


When I said the other day that exporting places was convoluted--I've been thinking about that. I don't have my head around FH's world view yet. When I understand its logic I will be able to figure out where to look for an operation.


I'm overwhelmed by the sheer amount of documentation--I love that the various helps explain what happens and why and don't just say "do this". It's marvelous but a lot to work through at the same time.


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