Holding Incomplete Data in FH


I hope I can explain this issue in such a way as it makes sense and would love to know how others approach this.

I like to use FH as my repository for everything as it avoids my having lots of bits of paper which I inevitably lose. However you sometimes come across a snippet of data that its difficult to fit in.

Specifically I was sent an obituary cutting by email that incicates that a James married Mavis and they had at least two children Sue and Andy. They also had four grandchildren and a great grandchild but at this stage I obviously dont know who the grandchildren or great garndchild belong to ( Sue or Andy)  as it doesnt give their surnames.

Now I dont want to do more work on this at the moment as I am wading through censuses as part of a one name study but want to capture them in FH to hold what I have. I can obviously put together a family group for Robert, Mavis, Sue and Andy but dont know at this stage how to slot in the grandchildren.

Does anyone else ever have this conundrum and how do you handle it ( or is it just down to my adopting a process that just doesnt make sense?)

John Firr

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